Cola Wings

Chicken Wings are one of my specialties. I wrote a whole book on them. You’d think after that endeavor that I might never touch a chicken wing again, but alas, I still love them.

There are certain things I genuinely hate making after doing a book about it, ala marshmallows, but even after that book, I still worked with them on a weekly basis when I spent a year as a candy maker. That being said, I am no longer a candy maker, and I hope to not make any marshmallows for a very long time.

Chicken wings, I have no hate for. I still love making them (as much as one can love working with raw chicken, I suppose). Especially in early fall when I pretend to care about football and long for nights when the sun has gone down early, sitting under a blanket, watching some sports-ball and gnawing on some chicken wings.

The Bailey

From my teenage years, through most of my adult life, if you would have asked me who my favorite writer was, I would have answered you without even batting an eyelash that it was, F. Scott Fitzgerald, no contest.

Sure, I had flirted with a little Hemingway through the years and really loved JD Salinger before realizing he was kind of a pedophile, but I always came back to old Francis.

I'm not quite sure what it really was about Fitzgerald's work that made me love him so much. Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of “The Great Gatsby”, however, I do recognize what a bad ass he was to have written it at the tender age of 21. At my own age of 21, I had realized that Fitzgerald had written it when he was my age and promptly found myself simultaneously loving him and hating him all at the same time.

Coconut Cake

Coconut cakes are a part of good old fashioned, 20th century American cooking.The coconut-snow-topped layer cakes seemed to have popped into existence somewhere in the 20's in the south. Soon after, the fuzzy looking coconut cake recipes started making their appearance throughout the years around Easter in magazines like Good Housekeeping and McCalls.  

Hot Chocolate

Well. We’re a week and some change into 2018. It feels like last year went by so fast, although, I suppose the older I get, the quicker it goes…

The new year came in with a frigid blast to announce its arrival. Here in Chicago, the wind chilled single-digit temperatures into the negatives. The Great Lakes are 22% covered in ice, as opposed to 3% last year at this time. New York encounter a winter that was one for the books and even Tallahassee, Florida got snow! It seemed that most of the country was chilled to the bone, huddled under blankets in their homes, surviving on gift boxes of chocolate, wine from neighbors and bosses and last week’s Christmas cookies. The post-holiday exhaustion outweighing the stir-craziness of not being able to leave the house.