All in Chicken Wings

Cola Wings

Chicken Wings are one of my specialties. I wrote a whole book on them. You’d think after that endeavor that I might never touch a chicken wing again, but alas, I still love them.

There are certain things I genuinely hate making after doing a book about it, ala marshmallows, but even after that book, I still worked with them on a weekly basis when I spent a year as a candy maker. That being said, I am no longer a candy maker, and I hope to not make any marshmallows for a very long time.

Chicken wings, I have no hate for. I still love making them (as much as one can love working with raw chicken, I suppose). Especially in early fall when I pretend to care about football and long for nights when the sun has gone down early, sitting under a blanket, watching some sports-ball and gnawing on some chicken wings.