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The Bailey

From my teenage years, through most of my adult life, if you would have asked me who my favorite writer was, I would have answered you without even batting an eyelash that it was, F. Scott Fitzgerald, no contest.

Sure, I had flirted with a little Hemingway through the years and really loved JD Salinger before realizing he was kind of a pedophile, but I always came back to old Francis.

I'm not quite sure what it really was about Fitzgerald's work that made me love him so much. Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of “The Great Gatsby”, however, I do recognize what a bad ass he was to have written it at the tender age of 21. At my own age of 21, I had realized that Fitzgerald had written it when he was my age and promptly found myself simultaneously loving him and hating him all at the same time.